Banquets in Peoria


Whether planning a banquet for an organization's fundraiser or holding a reception for a wedding, you will want banquets in Peoria to be held in a hall that can easily accommodate a certain number of guests in your party. A venue that is too small will inevitably leave your guests feeling cramped. A banquet hall that appears too large for your needs can appear overwhelming; the unused space will create a perception that not enough attendees are present for your event.


The type of banquet in Peoria that you are planning is also a major consideration when booking an event hall. Personal events, such as wedding receptions or anniversary parties, will likely demand a more casual atmosphere. A dark setting for these kinds of events will give off a dull mood. On the other hand, corporate banquets or awards ceremonies may require a more elegant setting. The Peoria Civic Center has the experience to help you set the right tone for your party or event.



Great Banquets in Peoria


Aside from the venue, great banquets in Peoria are mostly established by the quality of the food served. The Peoria Civic Center has a versatile team of culinary professionals to cater to your banquet in Peoria. Centerplate Catering is Peoria Civic Center's in-house world-class catering service provider. We know how to create the perfect menu for the theme of your conference or wedding reception. We provide exquisite food that will make your banquets in Peoria a success.


Banquets in Peoria prepared by Centerplate always consist of a menu that includes a number of different choices. From innovative new signature dishes using local ingredients, to regional favorites that cater to international tastes, all the food and beverage choices are carefully chosen and specially prepared to encourage and complement good times. Our expert team of chefs can always welcome special requests. Let Centerplate Catering at the Peoria Civic Center handle your banquets in Peoria.



More than Just Banquets in Peoria


The Peoria Civic Center offers more than just banquets in Peoria. We offer more amenities than just a place to hold your banquet and cater to your event. We know that there is a lot more to banquets than just serving your guests with great food, that's why we provide additional features such as:

  • lighting options
  • decorations
  • audio-visual equipment
  • hi-speed internet access
  • ample parking


All of these are handled by friendly and helpful staff members who are ready to serve you at a moment's notice.


Get in touch with us today to plan and book your banquet.