Find Events in Peoria


Feeling a little bored lately? Then it’s time to find events in Peoria that will get you going. There are a lot of places that you can start with, but the Peoria Civic Center is the best place to find events in Peoria. The exhibit hall boasts over 63,000 square feet of space and can hold over 7,000 persons. It can be divided into three smaller halls and is used for banquets, trade shows, and other events. The place is just bustling with events and activities for you and the whole family.


Are you trying to find musical events in Peoria? The Peoria Civic Center also has a theater that can seat over 2,000 people. It is the home of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, Peoria Ballet, and Peoria Opera. It is also used for concerts, Broadway shows, and other events. The theater contains ten dressing rooms including a star dressing room, four 12-person chorus rooms, two 8-person dressing rooms, two 6-person dressing rooms and a 3-person dressing room. There is even a 1,250-square-foot rehearsal hall backstage.



How to Find Events in Peoria


Finding events in Peoria is as easy as visiting our website and looking for events that might interest you. If you are a sports buff, you can enjoy the regular basketball games of the Bradley Braves. The Peoria Civic Center is proud to have the Bradley University Men’s Basketball team call Carver Arena their home. You can also catch the Peoria Rivermen in action as they battle it out with other teams on the ice. The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) also holds regular basketball matches here.


To find events in the Peoria Civic Center, all you need to do is to check out our events calendar and look for the specially marked dates. Concerts and musicals, youth rallies, automotive shows, and even wrestling are held in Peoria's biggest convention center. If art is your thing, you can also find specialty events in Peoria regularly held at the Center. Trade shows, art exhibits, and orchestra performances are also conducted at the Peoria Civic Center. You'll never run out of things to watch and participate in.



Where to Find Events in Peoria


At the Peoria Civic Center, you can find your way through events in Peoria by checking out our interactive facility guide. This map shows the different areas of the Peoria Civic Center, which include:

  • The Arena
  • The Theater
  • The Convention Center
  • Parking Lots

  • The Lexus Club
  • The Ballroom
  • Exhibit Halls


All these areas are manned by a helpful and cheerful staff who can help you in any way that they can.


Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to find events in Peoria. Contact us today.