Places to Get Married in Peoria


When couples start looking for places to get married in Peoria, they usually fall in love with the beauty of the place and sign a contract before they have considered the more practical elements of the location. After all, not many would choose practicality over what they really want when they overwhelmed with happiness. When they see a very beautiful place to get married in Peoria, the first thing in their minds is to book it before somebody else does. But, it is also wise to be mindful of the importance of choosing the right venue with the right benefits.


Unless the place is very magical and right on your budget that you are willing to plan your whole wedding around it, you should not choose between wedding venues until you have approximately determined how many guests are coming. Booking a very large place to get married in Peoria, or a very small one that is inappropriate for your guest list can ruin your seating arrangements. There should be enough space for the usual activities such as dancing and getting to and from the buffet table.



The Perfect Place to Get Married in Peoria


The Peoria Civic Center is the perfect place to get married in Peoria. We offer several reception options for you to choose from. Whether you have a small, 50-person guest list, or a large wedding that needs to accommodate thousands, we are able to set up the place so that the space won't look too big or too small. Our ballroom has flexible air walls that can divide the room into nine different configurations. We also offer lighting and decorating options so that you don't have to worry about these.


The friendly staff of the Peoria Civic Center can let you choose among our event rooms. We have most beautiful places to get married in Peoria, which include the Theater Lobby and the Lexus Club. You can also let us take care of the food that will be served. Our world-class catering provider, Centerplate Catering, can work with you to build a menu that will match your wedding's theme. Our goal is to give you a memorable experience by providing the best service to match our facilities.


The Best Places to Get Married at the Peoria Civic Center


Planning your wedding at the Peoria Civic Center is as easy as checking out our rooms. We offer several banquet and wedding reception options with space for 50 to 6,500. We have different areas where you can hold your wedding reception including:

  • The Ballroom
  • The Theater Lobby
  • The Lexus Club

All of these locations can be set up to use the motif of your preference to bring out the intimate atmosphere that you want. We can also take care of lighting and decorative options for you.


To learn more about our packages, get in touch with the Peoria Civic Center today.