Exhibitor Information

Exhibiting in the Peoria Civic Center Exhibit Hall is easy with 3 drive-in doors, a full service business center and an experienced staff.


All equipment orders must be prepaid 13 days prior to move-in. Customers can also rent audio/visual equipment through an outside vendor; please check with your event manager for more information.  If you have any questions, please email accounting@peoriaciviccenter.com


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The Business Center is located at the intersection of the Skylight Lobby and the Terrazzo Lobby. The Business Center is only open for select events and the hours vary. Please contact the show directly to see if the Business Center will be open during the event you at which you are exhibiting. For a full list of Business Center Services click here.


Exhibitor parking varies for each event. Please contact the show directly to see what the exhibitor parking policy will be for the event at which you are exhibiting.  Regular rate for parking in Peoria Civic Center parking lots is $7 per space. No overnight parking is allowed, unless you have made special arrangements with the facility.