Reception Halls in Peoria


The Peoria Civic Center has been a host for reception halls in Peoria for several years. At the Peoria Civic Center, our well-rounded and courteous staff is experienced when it comes to setting up reception halls in Peoria for various events.


"We have a church conference at The Peoria Civic Center each year. The facilities are nice, and the staff are helpful."

- Andrew A.


Because renting reception halls in Peoria will bring forth the largest expense in any event, it is important to choose wisely. The Peoria Civic Center can provide you with the right space if you give us a rounded figure of approximately how many guests you are likely to have. Therefore, an important part of planning any reception involves pruning down your reception list. We will help you determine an estimation of the costs per head according to the size of the room and any requirements you may have.


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Beautiful Reception Halls in Peoria


The Theater Lobby at the Peoria Civic Center is one of the most beautiful reception halls in Peoria. It offers a wonderful setting for any event because it is very large and has good acoustics. If you need a smaller reception hall in Peoria, we can change the layout of our ballroom to suit the size of your party. Whether you have a small group of 50, or a large group that reaches hundreds, our ballroom can accommodate you. If what you seek is a more intimate reception hall in Peoria, then you can enjoy our Lexus Club, which provides comfortable seating and a relaxing ambiance.


The versatile reception halls at the Peoria Civic Center allow you to customize your banquet or reception with different lighting and decorating options. We provide the latest audio and visual equipment to enhance your event. Centerplate Catering, our in-house caterer, provides selections of regional and international dishes that are all based on your preferences. The catering crew is always polite, clean, and prompt, and the tables and service ware are always elegant and neat.


Party Rooms in Peoria IL


The Peoria Civic Center also has party rooms in Peoria IL available to rent! Speak with us if you're looking for a party venue, party hall, or party room. We can accomodate you with different rates and packages.



The Most Complete Reception Halls in Peoria


The Peoria Civic Center has more than just reception halls in Peoria. We offer you with options that can customize your reception hall to your preference. We know how important it is for you to add a personal touch to your event, that's why we provide additional features such as:

  • lighting options
  • decorations
  • audio-visual equipment
  • hi-speed internet access
  • ample parking


All of these features are provided by helpful staff members who are ready to serve you anytime.


Let us help you find the right reception hall in Peoria. Get in touch with us today.