Sporting Venue in Peoria


The top sporting venue in Peoria is the Peoria Civic Center. It is home to the best sports teams who never fail to showcase their athleticism to their loyal fans. When the people of Peoria and surrounding areas want to enjoy a basketball game or hockey match, they go to the Peoria Civic Center to witness their favorite teams aim high in their respective events. When it comes to sporting venues in Peoria, nothing beats the sheer size of the Civic Center that is proportional to the level of energy that sports events deliver.


Locals know that the Peoria Civic Center has been the crown jewel of Peoria’s redeveloped downtown effort. As the premier sporting venue in Peoria, it has offered the people, not only of the city, but the whole of Central Illinois with world-class sports games in a first-rate facility. Whether you enjoy college basketball or root for your high school in the IHSA March Madness, you can count on the Peoria Civic Center to provide a place where showmanship can be enjoyed.



The Top Sporting Venue in Peoria


The Carver Arena is the top sporting venue in Peoria. It is the centerpiece of the Peoria Civic Center complex, which offers over 11,000 seats for basketball and hockey. This sporting venue in Peoria is the home of the Bradley University Braves men's basketball team and the Peoria Rivermen Southern Professional Hockey League ice hockey team. Just recently, the Carver Arena has benefitted from a $50 million expansion and renovation, enticing more sports fans to attend games and cheer on their teams.


This sporting venue in Peoria also hosts the Illinois High School Association boys' basketball state finals every March. For two weeks, the tournament lets high school basketball teams from across the State battle it out for the coveted finals championship. The Exhibit Hall of the Civic Center also serves as a sporting venue in Peoria when the Interactive March Madness Experience displays interactive games and historical exhibits to the fans of the IHSA.



Best Sporting Venue in Peoria


Being the most popular sporting venue in Peoria, the Peoria Civic Center has empowered many fans to root for their teams. Throughout the years, these sporting events held at the Peoria Civic Center has fostered sportsmanship and camaraderie. Learn more about the following teams and leagues who play in the Carver Arena:



Cheer for your favorite team and be at the best sporting venue in Peoria.


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