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The Best Place for Theater in Peoria


For theater lovers in Peoria, no other venue comes close to the Peoria Civic Center. The Theater at the Peoria Civic Center regularly holds events that tickle the hearts of every  lover  of the art. Our Broadway Theater Series showcases plays and performances whose quality is likened to their counterparts in New York. You may have seen musicals like “Chicago”, “Memphis”, or “Million Dollar Quartet”. These quality performances are all brought to you live at the Peoria Civic Center.


Our 2,000-seat theater in Peoria is also home to the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, Peoria Ballet, and Peoria Opera. It is also used for concerts and other events. The theater contains ten dressing rooms including a star dressing room, four 12-person chorus rooms, two 8-person dressing rooms, two 6-person dressing rooms, a 3-person dressing room, and a 1,250-square-foot rehearsal hall backstage. This one-of-a-kind theater in Peoria is a testament to our continuing efforts of keeping the art of live performance alive.


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Theater Seating in Peoria


The Peoria Civic Center's Theater offers a dynamic seating configuration that enhances the viewing pleasure of each audience member. The divisions also lets you see your favorite show while staying on budget. The seating categories include:

  • The Main Area
  • Left Boxes
  • Right Boxes
  • 1st Balcony
  • 2nd Balcony


Visit the Peoria Civic Center today and check out our modern and vibrant theater.


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Theater in Peoria and everywhere in the world is a sophisticated art form that dates back to Ancient Greece. It is an expression of the basic human need to convey our stories to others, and to create meaning through narrative and elaborate display. It is part of what makes us human as we often see this instinct expressed in children when they act out real or imagined characters and events. Theater contributes to education and literacy as it requires sharp attention, quick mental shifts, and nimble language skills.


Theater in Peoria is enjoyed by many enthusiasts of the craft because it has become an important part of our culture. To many conventional artists, live performance is still one of the most difficult forms of art because it incorporates many smaller kinds within it such as acting, speech, and music. Many may argue that theater is coming to a decline with the technological advances in media; however, aficionados still think that this kind of artistic expression exceeds television and movies in terms of aesthetic pleasure.